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Our Mission at Live And Learn

With the experience of trusting the Wilderness Therapy Process and Programs, you have the opportunity to have your child return to your family as an emotionally articulate, independent, accountable, engaging student, and a thriving family member!

Being stuck can be a helpless feeling for our youth. It is frustrating, and even worse, scary at times. It is a situation that makes it not only difficult for the struggling teen, but also the family members. At times, it may feel like the struggling loved one holds the household emotionally hostage. When all of the options we know of and resources have been exhausted, where does a parent go next? Often, a child needs the ability and environment to focus solely on themselves. There are many options for youth in this time. Live and Learn provides the safe outlet for the parents and loved ones to share their experience, and best of all, learn what possible next steps are for their child.

Our Mission

Many professionals teach, guide and counsel based on their theoretical study and degree. Live and Learn operates from a different angle, EXPERIENCE. Not only have we studied the intricacies of communication and the Wilderness process, but we have lived the experience first hand with a child. You will be supported through your family process from an advocate who has not only has the knowledge through books and a degree, but has personally been through the process.

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